Urgent announcement!

Our group is currently looking for a suitable educational leader to join us. If you are (or were in the past) a headteacher or a deputy head of  a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’  primary school and would like to support us with our bid to the DfE please get in touch.

A suitable candidate would be required to help us with designing the school’s curriculum (based  on National Curriculum and National Strategies). This is a great opportunity to put your professional expertise to a noble cause and further enhance your career path. You will work with a dedicated, friendly group of professionals.

Contact info@josephconradacademy.org

You are so many times a human how many languages you know’

   Johann Wolfgang Goethe


Welcome to the Bilingual Education Team website

The first bilingual English-Polish free primary school in the UK

If you want the school to be set up in your area register your interest below and we will keep you up to date with the latest news on the project. We are asking for your post code because we are trying to establish where the school should be set up. Your child’s date of birth will help us decide on the form entry and the number of spaces needed. This data will be used strictly for this purpose. The more interest, the higher chances of the school to be set up 🙂

Find out more about our vision


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