Registering your interest

Department for Education will fund the English-Polish bilingual school only if there is sufficient demand from parents willing to send their children to our school. Please register your interest on our website and share our posts with others.  The next application date for us is 8th May 2015 which should be enough time for us to gather plenty of interest.

The school will initially open with two reception classes (50 pupils) hopefully in September 2016 in South East London – however both factors will depend on demand. If there is high demand for more year groups or other areas of London then we will cater for those needs.

Please let others know about our project, we need your support to prove to Dfe that the school is needed in your area!

Registering your interest is not an official commitment to accept a place.



2 thoughts on “Registering your interest

  1. Bardzo się cieszę i gratuluję pomysłu. Sama jestem nauczycielką ESOL & Literacy od lat i wiem że szkoła z Polskimi wartościami byłaby bardzo popularna. Z chęcią wyśle tam syna, co prawda ma dopiero 4 tygodnie ale już planuje że Polska szkola to dla niego. Pozdrawiam

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  2. Witam, nie potrafię sie zarejestrować. Jak to zrobić?
    Jesteśmy zainteresowani taką szkołą. Nasz rejon to CR4.
    Dziekuje z gory za wszelkie instrukcje.


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