Our meeting with the Polish Educational Society

Last Monday we visited Polish Educational Society and met their Chairlady. Polish Educational Society is a charity organisation which has been supporting Polish education in Great Britain for over 60 years. We presented our project to the Chairlady and the current position we are at. Our proposition has been received with a warm welcome. We discussed different reasons why such primary provision should be established and also political and social changes we have observed during the past ten years (since May 2004 – Poland joining the EU). We agreed that a growing tendency in promoting and seeking Polish education amongst the Poles in the UK and not only is clearly visible. The Chairlady in accordance with the Society’s ethos expressed her support for our project which also promotes Polish Education abroad.

Later, we talked about the school site. Although finding a suitable premises can be quite tricky we are positive that it is possible and in this matter we will follow in other free schools steps and start  our search from the local council.

Apart from the Polish Educational Society we also got in touch with one of the Governors of a recently established free school in Southwark, who is a finance specialist and a Chairman of the Financial Commitee for the free school. The Chairman’s impressive experience will be an invaluable asset to our project as he worked for many years in government financial institutions advising ministers on financial matters. The Chairman expressed his support for our project and offered is advice on financial matters and other mattes related to our project.

We are very happy that our project is shaping up and getting more and more interest not only from potential parents but also people willing to work with us 🙂

IMG_3538 (2)


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