Our visit to La Fontaine Academy

Today we visited La Fontaine Academy in Bromley – a bilingual English-French free primary school. We were met by the Headteacher Sebastien Chapleau who gave us a warm welcome in the Reception and invited us to his office . We talked about our project and Mr Chapleau kindly answered our endless questions. We also talked about La Fontaine’s co-operation with STEP academy trust.  

Then, the Headteacher gave us a tour of the school where we were able to see children receiving bilingual education in action. How exciting!

Smartly dressed, in tidy, colourful classrooms we have seen two reception classes highly engaged in their learning. Year 1 was busy doing maths and Year 2 were just having their guided reading session. When we entered their classroom we were approached by a little girl who turned out to be a class ambassador  replied to my ‘Ca va bien?’ with ‘Ca va bien.’

Well done La Fontaine!

We left La Fontaine Academy with a promise to keep in touch:)

Merci beaucoup La Fontaine!

Merci Monsieur Chapleau!

10451697_10152343928955685_3251747648870198308_n (2)

Our project is more and more recognised. Recently, there was an article on  www.anglia.today  about us  http://www.anglia.today/edukacja/pierwsza-szkola-angielskopolska-w-wielkiej-brytanii.

There is also an article coming up this week in Cooltura – the Polish weekly magazine.

Remember to visit our website regularly for updates. We have a new bookmark on the website Our supporters, a list of everyone who helps us  gather more demand for the school.

Thank you all these helpful people:)

If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet do it now!

https://www.facebook.com/bilingualeducationintheuk/ and let others know!


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