NSN Development Programme and other bilingual projects

As our project is developing and we are trying out new incentives and working on our application we would like to encourage our supporters to follow other free school projects similar to ours. We would particularly like to point out two projects who are several months ahead of us: http://harrowbilingualprimaryschool.weebly.com and http://citizenschool.org.uk/support/. both planning to open in September 2015. A full list of other free school projects currently working with NSN can be found here.

Development Programme  

The NSN runs a Development Programme for groups proposing to open free schools twice a year. The next window to apply to the Programme is between 10 and 14th November 2014. We are in the process of preparing our application to submit at this time. The programme will allow us to access a range of services aimed to help us develop our proposal and write an application that effectively addresses the DfE’s criteria.  We hope for our application to be successful:)

Our group is growing and new members are joining us and others offer help and advice. We appreciate everybody’s time and effort spent on this project.

As part of our application we have been researching on bilingual children’s attainment in their regular primary schools. We are calling on all parents of bilingual children to help us out by taking a short survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9WBJCKD.



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