NSN Getting started workshops

Today Maria Wiśniewska, Robert Sharples and myself took part in the NSN workshops in Pimlico.

The morning session evolved around rationale and educational vision, led by Stephen, a former headteacher and an NSN educational expert. We specifically discussed in detail the development of our rationale, as to why we are setting up this particular type of school in this place. We then moved onto the actual vision and school ethos, and discussed the aspirations for achievement. We also looked at examples of previous groups plans and talked in detail about the educational plan. We were really lucky to be in a small group, with one other project, so we were able to ask many questions relevant to our school and got expert answers from Stephen.

After a lovely, filling lunch , we joined the remaining projects for the presentation by Fred Burgess, who is actually our assigned consultant, on different ways to market our school and measuring parental demand. We picked up on loads of new ideas e.g. pop-up classrooms.

The venue was a fantastic experience for all of us and we are looking forward to working with Fred.



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