What resources and equipment will the school have?

The school will be funded by DfE so at first it will have similar resources and equipment to other primary schools. However, we will look for sponsors(just like most free schools) to buy additional resources or equipment like laptops,ipads, additional sports equipent or library books.


Is this a Polish school?

 No. The school is going to be a bilingual english-polish school.

What will my child learn?

The school will follow National Curriculum in English. The curriculum will be extended with the Polish subjects such as Polish literacy, History with culture and Geography of Poland.

My child does not speak Polish.

The school will run an intervention program for children who do not speak Polish – intensive, daily short mini lessons in small groups or individually.

Is this a Catholic school?

No. The school will remain a faith free institution.


Aren’t the teaching standards going to be lower than in other primary schools?

Definitely not. Teaching standards in academies have to be higher than in other schools  -this is one of the conditions to set up a free school :)Dfe will only allow to open a new school if the curriculum is going to be innovative, unique and rigourous.

After finishing this school will my child manage in a secondary school?

Definitely yes! The school will follow National Curriculum requirements like in any other school with the extension of the Polish subjects. Morerover, we are planning to  extend our school to secondary school in the future.

What does it mean that the school is independent from the local council? Is it important?

This means that the school is financed directly from Dfe and is directly dependent to it. As a result the school has more freedom in using its budget and it can spend more on interesting educational projects, ict equipment, extracurricular activities or interest clubs.

My child has just started Reception. Is there a chance that the school will open year 2 class in September 2016 and will I be able to transfer my child there?

It is possible providing that there will be a minimum number of parents of year 2 children willing to send them. The more people the stronger the possibiity of Dfe aproving the application. This is why registration of interest on our website is so important. Initially we planned to open just 2 Reception classes (50-60 pupils) but we have a good number of Year 1 children interested, too. If we have enough for Year 2 we will consider it. A child can be tranferred with  the relevant council application form (more information after 8th May 2015).




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