The Project

My name is Magdalena Dehiles and I am a teacher. I have lived in London since 1999. For the past11 years I have taught in London primary schools.

In 2014, I came across the term ‘free schools’ and found out they were a new type of schools (read more about free schools

I was searching for a secondary school for my daughter and we went to see one of our local free schools. The headteacher spoke about her school with such passion we haven’t seen anywhere else. It intrigued me and I took a closer look at free schools. It turned out that free schools are independent schools with state funding. They are usually set up by parents, teachers or groups of people who feel a strong need to set up a new school in a given area.

The schools are funded directly by the Dfe (Department of Education) and they are independent from the local councils. Admission rules are the same as any other school. The schools have to follow the National Curriculum principles but there is more flexibility on putting it into practise.

Because my children are bilingual, and it is exclusively thanks to me, I had this idea to set up a bilingual school, where children would follow National Curriculum but they would also learn Polish language, literature, history, geography or culture. It turned out that not only is this possible but schools like this already exist in London and the rest of the UK. There is a French school, German school and Spanish school, but there isn’t a Polish one yet! With your support we hope to have our very own Academy, too! 🙂



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